Preparation of financial reports and record keeping is a crucial part of any business. With the introduction of new taxation rules and regulation by ATO and new financial standards, accuracy of financial reports and keeping the relevant records longer has become important than ever. Inaccuracy of the financial reports & insufficient record keeping may cause larger fines and can damage the reputation of the business.

Today, the businesses have to deal with immense number information and records, thus rather than focusing on business development, business holders spend too much time working on their financial books.

Why do you need to worry about your homework even after a long day? Just let us worry about your numbers.

No matter if you are a trader, small café/restaurant owner or small business owner. We will provide accurate, prompt services and products for you.

So why is chasing receivables so important?

18 million hours per annum are consumed chasing debtors in Australia

  • 72.5% of all business invoices are paid late
  • The number of debts outstanding by 61-90 days has risen by 22%
  • 90+ days outstanding has risen by 15%
  • 90% of SME failure is caused by poor cash flow

How can help you:

  1. Save your business time and money
  2. Increase your overall cash collections
  3. Streamline your credit management
  4. Know where all your clients’ payments are at
  5. Your focus remains on running your business

Many businesses waste valuable time on searching for mis-filed records or worrying about the quality of their data security mechanisms. Now you can spend more time managing your business, because Safe bookkeeping will work with you to create a partnership that will make your records management more effectively.

We understand the challenges businesses face today managing vital physical records. Physical documents are bulky and difficult to search.

Safe Bookkeeping offers the most secure, cost-effective and efficient solutions to help you manage your documents. Through electronic imaging and scanning, your business can massively reduce the storage requirement for documents while creating a rapidly accessible and searchable storage system. Best of all, it is a relatively simple matter to make multiple digital copies of these records

Thinking of starting a new business and not sure where to start? Why don’t you give us a call to find out how we can assist? We can help you to determine the best business structure and getting it registered under the Australian legislations.

What’s more, we can help you to set up a business plan, SWOT analysis and a marketing plan which can double up your sales.

There is no debate that a good marketing campaign can double the sales of any business.

Running a successful marketing campaign involves creating website, logos, broachers, leaflets, catalogs and pretty much any marketing materials.

However, as we stepping to the information era, the marketing strategies are also changed. Internet has become a major player in today’s marketing game.

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